How to choose the lot to build my house, I think of building permits before buying it?

Let’s talk today about the importance of making a very good decision for these questions, and that from our office of architects we recommend you do an analysis before purchase the lot and processes for building permits for your new home or property gives a makeover to your liking, it is always better to know how likely will customize the spaces to enjoy with your family or simply to invest in it. I tell you that if you can achieve the home you’ve always dreamed that you plan well.

For any process is a great idea to do it with professional advice. You know that a well-crafted design a building valued more than one who has no design, ie it is addressed only from the technical. Ever since you arises the first idea must have a vision of experienced architects who will have the scope of what you plan to do from your perspective, surely a small investment in a good advice before making the purchase, you can save a lot of money in the implementation and the future of your project.
For these reasons I share some important for each of these situations, processes we have carried out some of the steps for project design, construction and remodeling we have done.

Rebuilding a home from the ground up
How to choose the lot to build my house?

You need do not know whether to buy a new house in a residential area? Or, if it is better to find the right way to design it and build it as you want?

Here I tell you if what you want is to have all the space you want, for example that room integrated into the kitchen, hopefully with a large patio with relaxing design, where you can invite a large number of friends to share a BBQ or wake up in the morning facing the garden, or something as simple as a large, comfortable and functional closet, among other things, the best decision is, locating a suitable site for your home, remember that all maximum buy or build the ideal home two sometimes in life, so you should optimize the resources you will use. Although this process requires more time both to design it, legalize it and when I say this I mean the process of building permits and the execution of the work (depending on the size the length of the total development can be between 10 and 18 months) course often when buying in a development may be delayed the same time give it to you.

How complex is what municipal rules?

Location. A disadvantage is that you do not find lots available in cities like Dallas or the like, or if you find will be disproportionate to housing prices, so that weakness can turn it into strength if you look in neighboring municipalities that will provide the tranquility and closeness to nature. So it begins by analyzing which is the municipality that is better and responds to your expectations of closeness, comfort, safety and budget. Talk to friends, look for testimonials on the Internet, consultation with architects in Bogota or in your city, visit the municipalities and feels spaces, go to the central square and talk to the people. These small steps will help you make a good decision that is best for your municipality. Then I recommend at least select 3 plots and analyzes access roads, mobility, how close or far you are from health facilities, education, trade, administrative and more, so close to parks and other attractions. If they are picnics lots (a bit away from the urban perimeter of the municipality and isolated) or are urban (within city limits), if cornerbacks, sharecroppers or isolated, which have shaped, rectangular, square or other shapes. Take pictures to determine what kind of nearby buildings there.

The location does matter for building permits

Building permits and Municipal or urban regulations. Do not make a decision without knowing what decrees governing the sector and batches that you chose, because that’s how many floors can be built that construction index (percentage of total construction) and load factor (percentage of the area that can occupy on the first floor), requirements of front yards and backyards or insulation, if perhaps this projected the construction of a road, as walks utility, good in general terms that determining legal you have to level the regulations, remember that as well as for Remodeling in Bogota, or new construction, you need to process a building permit complying with the provisions of the TEP as discussed in recent years, you must also meet the decrees of each municipality. Always an architect can give you a hand to understand it better and that you optimize the processes of building permits.


The price. I’m not going to say you should hire an appraiser for the preliminary analysis of the value of the lots that these analyzing, this would not be real, I tell you better than you can make a simple market study, ie see in offices root and real estate prices have similar lots, walking and watching sale ads close and takes note of the features that you comment in paragraph Location, determines whether the value you are charging corresponds and negotiation criteria can have. At this point, it is important that you can determine the value of construction per m2 and together with the land value will already have an estimate of what you require is to invest preliminary budget and this is where you feel the advice sorry can make savings and better control your investment.

Recommendations for reconstruction and remodels

Home repair after damaged in storm

Finally I recommend you do a comparative table that you analyze all the information you collected and can make the best decision to buy your land, if you do it judiciously, you can have this data in a time of about two months, of course, if you lean of an office of architects specializing in family dwellings perhaps have much faster and with greater success.

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